Caught on the Web 

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 by  Juliet Ayres
(a Goodreads author)

Set in a fictional suburb of Cheshire, North West England.

Joanna Baxter, an attractive, feisty, retired schoolteacher finds the loneliness after her year-long divorce overbearing and decides to search for a new love on 'Catch-dating.com'. Added to the challenge of her loneliness and marriage breakdown is her compulsive buying disorder, which she refuses to acknowledge.

On 'Catch', the only man who captivates her interest is handsome, debonair, eligible barrister, Adam Sterling, and Joanna adopts every trick in the book (including telling a whopping fib about herself) to win his attention. Much to her delight, she manages not merely to win his attention but be whisked off her feet, and so falls hopelessly in love.

This love, however, isn't all she finds. Something quite unexpected materialises that changes her life forever.

A great read which is also going to a great cause:  ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS PAPERBACK DURING 2018 WILL GO TO CANCER RESEARCH.


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